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Mixed-Media Installation (Video and object)

Money needs people, and people need money - an almost perfect circle. If you like, every human action finds its place in the value chain, and every move is profitable. Moneyment is dedicated to all those who do not play this game.


Reactive Video-Installation

Replacing a specific space close to the stairs between two floors with a reactive interface will allow the participants to reach a story which will be decided by their appearance. When the observer watches the screen, it triggers a private story, which is trapped in time and space.


Interactive Sound Installation

5.5 transforms artificial light into sound. When viewers put on the headset and headphones, they hear a mixture of electromagnetic disturbances caused by the artificial light sources in the room. 5.5 invites you to an ambient synaesthetic experience. The apparatus becomes an artificial sensory organ: follow the white noise, let your ears guide you, and experience the space anew

Behind the box

Interactive Mixed-Media Installation

Cubic object with translucent lcd panel and multi channel mapped audio transmitting led arrays as backlight. Observers can also interact with the installation ”Behind the box” by moving the apparatus from the project “5.5”. In this way, they listen differentsounds which come from box. Those sounds can be audio recordings from a war zone, a suicide youtuber, a make up video, and many other. Without any interaction installation stays silent. Visuals and movements on screen are working on Unity Engine . Translucent lcd creates an augmented reality feeling depending on the angle when observer looks inside the box. Apparatus is functioning just as receiver and amplifier, it does not alter anything. Audio cables from both Apparatus are connected to camera’ s microphone input for this presentation. What observers hear is the audio mapped led arrays and when they move around with the apparatus, they hear mixtures of mapped sounds.

Virtual Isolation

Wearable device, interactive Installation

Virtual Isolation is a wearable interactive object with a display which demonstrates real-time vital readings and memories. Our lives are all about numbers and graphs for quite a while. Society tries to adopt new relation between our survival and our social interactions during isolation times and we still don’t know what future will bring on us. Although human memory is highly depending on our social interactions, we as individuals are stuck between fear and losing social abilities. “Is surviving alone enough to stay human, what is left without memories with others ? “ - this was the question that lead me to develop this project.


Interactive Sound Installation

Ghostbox is a work in the medium of audio-visual experience within a constructed environment. It is an attempt to investigate the “Observer Effect” in the real world. The action takes place in a dark space filled with ten constantly-powered, audio-modulated, red laser modules. While the lasers are physically identical, the audio information they carry differs. This creates an entangled, amorphous audiovisual scape, lending it a patterned structure. Although the structure appears uniform, it reveals its synthesized nature upon interaction. Visitors wearing light-sensitive devices on both fists explore the layers of the soundscape through their body movements, as they interact with the linear-patterned space of laser beams. The devices on their wrists receive the modulated laser rays, transmitting the information to speakers, and making the rays audible inside the space.

The Cellular Fidelity

Interactive Sound Installation

The Cellular Fidelity creates a three-dimensional aquarium that breaks its boundaries using light and sound. Audio is encoded into lasers that project through microscopic aquatic environments into the gallery space. On the floor is a cast, colorful view of what, in reality, is floating tiny and suspended above the visitors' heads. The laser reveals its sound when a visitor steps into the shared aquatic space holding a sensor. Field recordings from the collection sites of 30 groups of marine microbes fill the space- bending, humming, and distorting with the visitor's movement. But the audio changes without a visitor, as well. Because the audio-encoded laser first travels through the microbes' environment, they are the first beings to make contact with it. When a cellular shape 'runs' across the floor, the audio reshapes in response to the actual microbe's interaction with the laser up above, picking up movement from above and making it visible and audible from below. The potential for interaction permeates this whole work.

Two Faces

Video Installation

Once the largest bakery in Europe, now leaving Vienna after 130 years. What remains behind? What can a place tell? Who remembers what and what seems to have been completely forgotten? We make our research walkable and invite you to come along: A daughter who tries to decipher her secretive mother. A son who struggles with the ghost of his father. Together we follow her verses and accompany her every step of the way in her search for traces through time. Along the way, we listen to people remembering. Two Faces" is one of the eight artistic stations, we experience how layer after layer is removed to see what is hidden behind it.

Quantum Synesthesia

Upcoming Project

The project explores the hypothetical concept of "quantum synesthesia," where individuals experience a merging of senses specifically related to quantum phenomena. However, I go beyond mere scientific exploration and posit quantum synesthesia as a powerful metaphor. This metaphor envisions the unseen forces shaping the universe as a symphony, expressed through an interactive experience.


Upcoming Project

"Lumiscape" builds upon my established artistic exploration of veiled aspects of the human experience through interactive new media installations. This project utilizes my prior work with Li-Fi technology and my fascination with quantum physics to investigate the complex relationship between humans and nature.

Çağdaş Çeçen is a Vienna based media artist. He studied Media Art : Digital Art at University of Applied Arts Vienna and Physics at University of Vienna. Currently, his artistic practices focuses in the relationship between human movement, space and uncertainty. Since 2018 he is developing new ways of interaction between human and space by using synesthetic nature of Quantum Physics not just symbolic or inspirational way but as an active element in his artworks. He strongly believes that democratization of Quantum Physics will open new artistic ways to reexplore our surroundings and improving our synesthetic sensation. His projects have been already presented in several countries: Austria, Italy, Poland, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Conciliating with his artistic activity.



Vienna - Austria
Distance Fog feat. B.A.D. Wienstation
Vienna - Austria
The Cellular Fidelity Alte Schieberkammer
Vienna - Austria


Transform-Arte 2021 Participating artist
Eisenstadt - Austria
Angewandte Festival 2021 Paricipating artist
Vienna - Austria


“KAIROS” Recall of Earth Part 2 Collective exhibition
Thessalonikki - Greece
“Spannung!”-Medienwerkstatt Collective exhibition
Vienna - Austria
Fabrikraum #01 Collective exhibition
Vienna - Austria
“5.5” Mixed media installation La Biennale di Venezia, Biennale Sessions
Venice - Italy
Offene Ateliers in Margareten Künstlerhaus, Participating artist
Vienna - Austria
Reflecting Records Collective exhibition
Vienna - Austria


A community of individuals SOHO Festival, Collective exhibition
Vienna - Austria


DIGITAL WORKFLOW Collective exhibition
Vienna - Austria
UNTAPPED SUR-PLUS Künstlerhaus, Collective exhibition
Vienna - Austria
Disintegrate Stop-Motion PSA movie for “Ministerium für ein lebenswertes Österreich”, “Danube Projekt”- Der Haus der Europäischen Union
Vienna - Austria


Infected Structures Collective exhibition
Sokolowsko - Poland
Smells Like Sh.t Video Documenary “TV916”
Trebinje - Bosnia and Herzegovina
....Sowohl als auch..... Performance
Vienna - Austria